Irish Chef Rachel Allen To Surpass Nigella Lawson?

Posted by on Jun 23

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rachel-allen-to-surpass-nigellaChef Nigella Lawson has been the reigning female celebrity chef for some time now, with cookbook sales and TV revenue propelling her to earn household-name status in homes across the globe. But another rising star from Ireland just may be the next celebrity chef to steal Lawson's reign of supremacy: Rachel Allen.

For two and a half years, Chef Rachel Allen's cookbooks have sold roughly 600,000 copies in the UK and Ireland. And in the past six months, Allen's TV series "Rachel Allen: Bake" has spurred another wave of cookbook sales -- over 200,000 to be exact. The show is airing in over 30 countries, but has not come to America yet. However, Allen's husband says that plans are in place to bring the show to the U.S. airwaves.

If this trend keeps up, Rachel Allen will soon surpass Nigella Lawson in sales of cookbooks and TV shows.

Executives at Allen's publishing company, HarperCollins, are obviously thrilled with her rise in success. Editorial director Jenny Heller spoke to the media regarding Allen's accomplishments, saying that she has no doubt that Rachel Allen will one day be "as big as Nigella."

Heller believes Rachel Allen's appeal is due to her traditional cooking approach. She says Allen is a stay-at-home mom with a great sense of humor, always cooking great meals for her kids and saving money in the process.

Source: HeraldNewspaper

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