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Brushed Aluminum 1 Quart | Beverage Drink Carbonator

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iSi Soda Siphon SLL Some things just never go out of style, like the soda siphon. First and foremost a home bar novelty, these lend a fun retro vibe to any occasion as well as being a practical alternative to bottled soda water.

These things have been around forever. Everyone has seen a soda siphon used as a prop in old comedy films, spraying some poor schmuck in the kisser. Good to see they have remained more relevant to our times than the anvil that was so often dropped on unsuspecting heads.

This soda siphon from iSi is the real deal, manufactured in Austria with an aluminum body and pressure regulating system for consistent results. You fill it up with cold water, connect the Co2 cartridge and go. That's all there is to it.

Best carbonation results are obtained with very cold water. You can use the charged water immediately, however you may find it less fizzy than you are used to. The most effective method for maximum carbonation is to fill and charge the siphon then refrigerate it overnight. This soda siphon has a 32 ounce capacity, so if you just like to drink your own carbonated water you will be constantly refilling and rechilling this.

The most practical use is in the bar for mixed drinks, or adding some healthy, preservative-free fizz to children's juice drinks. Replacement cartridges are available online or your local kitchen store. This unit must be hand washed to protect the sealing components.

Another fun barkeep gadget to add to your kitchen is the Global Decor Drink Dispenser.

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