iSi Whipped Cream Dispenser Brushed Aluminum Dessert Maker

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iSi Whipped Cream Dispenser BrushedThe idea with iSi's cream whipper is that you can quickly produce tasty additions to beverages, toppings and desserts. The whipper uses replaceable N2O cartridges for operation to create five times as much whipped cream from one pint of fresh cream as can be made through other methods. Flavored syrup and other sweet seasonings can be added to produce special versions, including sugar free varieties. The set includes two decorator tips and a charger holder.

This item dispenses whipped cream just as the prefilled canisters you find at the grocery store do, but you get to choose the flavor, save money and waste by preparing your own, plus avoid unpleasant additives or preservatives. iSi also sells N2O cartridges. Create more than just whipped cream- recipes are available for tiramisu, mousse and other desserts.

The operation is foolproof. Add cream to the bottle, then drop in any extra flavorings or sugar (powdered sugar works well in this application) and replace the top. Remove the protective cap. Insert a cartridge into the charger holder and twist it onto the bottle. Once you hear the gas release, remove the charger, toss the cartridge, and put the protective cap back onto the bottle. Shake the whipper bottle, hold it nozzle down and dispense.

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