J.K. Adams Hardwood Wine Rack

40 Bottle Expandable Storage

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J.K. Adams Hardwood Wine Rack J.K. Adams has invented an idea that solves two frustrating problems with storage: where to safely keep the wine bottles and what to do with that oddly-shaped space where nothing seems to fit. They offer an infinitely expandable, solid hardwood version wine rack. It requires assembly, but in a fun way. The set has been likened to adult Tinkertoys. Wooden or steel pins seat into octagonal beams with no glue needed to hold them. The beams can be used to form multiple configurations, can fit into hard-to-use or oddly-shaped spaces, creating a rack in the size or span you want for appearance or function.

The rack comes in three finish options: natural unfinished, lacquered oak, or lacquered oak with black pins. A hammer and/or rubber mallet is all you need to put it together. The rack holds up to forty standard-size bottles of wine safely. It takes a little time to construct, but is well worth the effort to store and display your wines in one configuration. I believe it makes an interesting room divider. The bottles are on display, easy to reach, and yet secure. The kit comes with extra joining pins for additional racks or expansion.

I'm considering adding a few of the squares atop our cabinets where there is dead space. They would look fantastic, and I could put the bottles we're saving for special occasions up out of the way. With the leftover parts, we built a smaller rack to keep near the counter to hold just a couple of bottles right at hand.

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