J.A. Henckels Carving Knife for Roast Meat & Poultry, International Classic

8 Inch Stainless Steel Cutlery

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J.A. Henckels International ClassicUseful for many kitchen prep tasks as well as for carving and serving roast meats and poultry at the dining table, the Henckels International Classic 8" Carving knife shows both practical construction and the clean design of traditional chef's knives. Although not fancy, anyone who knows cutlery will see a good knife here.

Forged from one bar of Solingen stainless steel, the heavy taper ground blade, forged bolster, and full tang riveted slab handle make this knife strong enough for plenty of tough jobs in the kitchen. The wider edge bevel of this old German pattern won't be damaged by running into bone. When you need to separate a joint of meat with a little twisting and prying, you won't need to worry about breaking this Henckels.

You will need to touch up the edge before the first use, and many chefs will choose to put a more acute bevel on this blade than the Henckels craftsmen did. The steel holds an edge well and is easily sharpened, but will need regular attention if used often. Before use, a few strokes on a honing steel will be enough to keep it razor sharp.

Since a carving knife often finds work as part of a dinner presentation, you'll need to take care of the polish as well as the edge. Dishwashers are rough on both, although the knife is rated dishwasher safe. A better method is a quick hand wash and dry immediately after use. Lemon scented detergents should be avoided because the acid may etch or spot the blade.

Compare this with Henckels' carving knife from their Pro S line.

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