J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Chef’s Knife

6 Inch Solingen Stainless Steel

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J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Chef'sIf you've been cooking long enough that you deserve a treat, shopping around for "the right knife" may fit the bill. For some, the Henckels 6" Chef's Knife could be it. If you like the light weight and versatility of a utility knife but want something that leaves you knuckle room and does even more than a deli blade--or if a full sized chef's knife is too much for your hand size-- this knife is worth a good look. Just remember that there are many choices today, and you may find something you like even more.

This knife is for followers of the western cooking traditions, since the flat ground forged blade is heavy enough for light chopping, ground with a bevel wide enough to cut through small bones, and shaped for that rocking motion that is so efficient when mincing or dicing. The short length will still handle many slicing tasks and the lighter weight and comfortable handle definitely decrease the fatigue of repetitive hand labor. The extra strength of the forged bolster gives this knife added resistance to bending and twisting, so it can stand up to some tough applications.

If you want less all around tool and more efficient slicing, you might consider a Santoku instead. Many sizes are available, and Henckels does make a few that have been only slightly westernized. Santoku knives have thinner blades and hollow grinds that make slicing vegetables and boneless meats more an art than a chore. Among the best is Shun's Classic series, but even in an economical quality choice like Victorinox's Forschner you may see an obvious upswing in slicing performance.

You can also get this knife along with a paring knife in a gift set.

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