J.A. Henckels Twin Meat Cleaver Knife

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J.A. Henckels Twin Meat Cleaver Knife Becoming ever more essential to the workings of a modern kitchen, this Henckels 6" cutting edge Meat Cleaver is an old design that doesn't need to change. Laser cut from a blank of heavy duty stainless steel, this ice-hardened full tang chopping knife has a wide and strong bevel that will make quick work of chopping bones and cartilage and even frozen food.

Many top quality kitchen knives are now designed with a thin hard cutting edge that will chip when used on bone, and less expensive knives are often produced from lighter weight stamped steel. Neither is the right choice for heavy butcher block work.

The Henckels meat cleaver does the jobs the fancy knives can't tackle. In spite of its heft and strength, this knife is well balanced, with a simple triple riveted slab handle design that is durable and gap free.

Storage and sharpening are special issues where a cleaver is concerned. Many knife blocks don't have space for this wide blade, so the peg hole in the front corner offers a handy solution to that problem. Cleaver edges have a wide bevel that's hardly affected by a honing steel, and are too much knife for many patented grinding systems to handle. A flat whetstone in a medium grit is a handy accessory to this versatile knife.

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