J.A. Henckels Twin Pro Polishing Sharpening Stone

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J.A. Henckels Twin Pro Sharpening StoneFor connoisseurs of edges as well as food, Henckels supplies this finishing stone that goes beyond "fine" in edge maintenance. This grade of sharpening stone is for polishing, not stock removal, and is only for those who want a polished edge with a perfect bevel. For reworking damaged edges, step down to a medium or coarse grit stone.

Putting a mirror finish on the sharpening bevel of a knife is a step most do not take. With the finest knives it can make a noticeable difference in quality of cut, but with lower grade knives the advantage is fleeting. Lower grades of steel won't hold up long enough to be worth the extra work this stone entails.

Synthetic stones like this Henckels are also softer than the more traditional natural whetstones. Although finer in grit diameter and more uniform in density, they wear away and dish out more quickly. That might put a practical end to the usefulness of a natural Arkansas stone, so hard that it couldn't be resurfaced by hand; with a synthetic like this one, resurfacing can be done by grinding on a sheet of sandpaper.

Owners of fine VG-10 steel knives or CROMOVA blades might consider this as a finishing option. Thin edged knives from harder alloys can chip when honed with sharpening steels, and this stone will put that final finish on the blade without changing the edge shape. It takes some patience and is an acquired skill--it's also much easier on the stone if you use it to polish the straight sections of knife edges and just say "good enough" on the curves.

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