Jamie Oliver As Chef, Author, TV Star… Burrito?

Celebrity Chef Endorses Chipotle Costume Contest

Posted by on Oct 22

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This Halloween, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of the Emmy award-winning "Food Revolution" is teaming up with fast-food chain Chipotle for a costume contest, called “Boorito 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food.” To kick off the ad campaign, Oliver posed with Chipotle CEO Steve Ells dressed up as a fast food combo -- a burrito with dippin' sauce.

The rules for the contest are as follows:  Contestants must submit a photo of themselves in their creatively delicious costume (making sure a Chipotle can be seen in the background) to the official Chipotle website anytime between October 31 and November 8. The grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $2,500. Five runners-up will receive $1,000, and twenty finalists will get a gift card redeemable for a burrito party to feed 20 guests.

In addition, Chipotle has announced that any customer who enters their restaurant on the evening of Sunday, October 31 dressed as a burrito, taco, or any "horrifyingly processed fast food product" will receive a discounted Chipotle burrito for $2. Proceeds will benefit Oliver's Food Revolution program up to $1 million.

Ells acknowledges that the company is changing the traditions from years past. “We have a long-standing tradition of rewarding our customers who dress up as their favorite Chipotle menu item with a free burrito on Halloween,” he said. “It’s always been a fun promotion, but we wanted to do more with it this year and use the opportunity to reinforce with our customers our belief in the importance of eating wholesome, unprocessed foods.”

The winners of the "Boorito 2010" contest will be announced on November 15. For more information, visit chipotle.com/boorito.

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  1. Beau Says:

    Chef looks like no burrito I know. I’m pretty sure that’s a chicken nugget.

    For that matter, who orders a burrito with “dippin’ sauce”?