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Jamie Oliver Food Processor MagimixHere's a bit of culinary trivia: Did you know that the creator of the food processor was from Burgundy, France? A man named Pierre Verdan came up with the concept over 35 years ago. He put his French catering business sense to good use and created an appliance to help him with his prep work. Little did he know that his Magimix food processor would catch on so well -- and we thank him for it.

This modern Magimix is praised by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as well as countless other professional chefs and home cooks around the globe. It's primarily sold in Europe, so it may be hard to come by if you live in the United States. But if you're able to find one of these, snag it while you still can.

While it is indeed a decent food processor, the Magimix also works as 7 additional appliances at the same time: citrus press, mixer, juicer, mandoline slicer, chopper, grater, and blender. Most of these options require interchangeable blades, and the Magimix set includes sharp Sabatier blades to handle these tasks, so you don't have to purchase them as extras. Other extras include a cream whipper and storage holder.

The motor is smart enough to adjust its speed for different uses and is much quieter than expected. Its 950-Watt system is guaranteed for 12 years. All the parts that come with it can be washed in the dishwasher, although it's recommended to wash the blades in hot, soapy water instead of the dishwasher -- this will extend both life and appearance.

While this may seem like the super-machine of all kitchen tech toys at first, there are a few drawbacks. The feed tube at the top is relatively small compared to other food processors, and this may become difficult when juicing. It's also common to see food buildup in between the blades and the feed tube, but this can be easily cleaned. For all its uses (and durability to boot), this Magimix is worth the investment.

If you're looking instead for a simple, no-fuss food processor without a handful of extra components to store, take a look at this one from KitchenAid.

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