Jamie Oliver’s Pasta Sauce: Saltier Than Seawater?

Posted by on Nov 14

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jamie oliver pasta sauce too saltyCelebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been making all sorts of headlines lately, especially in regards to his recent TV series in the U.S., "Jamie's American Road Trip." Anyone who's followed this series, as well as his past shows like "School Dinners," knows that Oliver has a passion for eating well and living healthy.

However, new headlines are surfacing that seek to dethrone Oliver's health-conscious reputation. Health reform campaigners are saying that his new line of pasta sauces are packed with a dangerous amount of sodium content -- "saltiest of the salty," as some have put it.

Products such as his Spicy Olive, Garlic & Tomato Pasta Sauce contain 5.3 grams of salt per serving. That's more than 6 times the standard amount recommended by the UK's Food Standards Agency. In fact, it's even saltier than saltwater itself!

Chef Oliver's press reps aren't quite buying all the hype. They point out that the sauces are supposed to be eaten "the Italian way, with one jar meant to feed four to six people. A little of Jamie's sauce goes a long way!"

Today, another spokesman for Jamie Oliver confirmed that the chef is now working on a new line of pasta sauces with less sodium. The targeted amount is 0.8 grams of salt per serving, as opposed to the average 3 grams per serving. The products should be available in early December.

Sources: Times Online

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