Jenn-Air Stainless Steel Refrigerator w/ Bottom Freezer

French Door 25 Cubic Foot

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Jenn-Air Stainless Steel RefrigeratorWhat families don't need more of these two important features: savings and organization? These are exactly what a French style refrigerator offers. This model starts off the savings by providing a built-in look that doesn't have to be built in. The upper region is a refrigerator with two small side-by-side doors. The short door design requires less space to use, and the dual door system means you lose less energy each time one of the doors is opened. The freezer on the bottom keeps the eye-level space for your most used items (like fresh produce) and saves energy over side-by-side models.

The best part is what you find when you open the doors and look inside. Specialized storage is given on all fronts. The doors have gallon-size bins which can be reset to fit your family's needs. Kids can have their own side or compartment, so they aren't constantly yelling for Mom to find their snacks. For adults, there is a wine bin and a temperature-controlled drawer for delicate gourmet items. Even the freezer contains a wire basket system to separate items and make them easier to find. An internal filtered water dispenser must be connected to a water line, then will readily provide fresh drinking water on demand. The whole unit is made to help busy people quickly locate what they need and keep their food and drinks at their best. Now close the door! You're letting all the cold out.

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