Joel Robuchon’s “The Complete Robuchon” Cookbook In Stores Today

Posted by Sharon on May 14

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the-complete-robuchon-cookbookToday, Chef Joel Robuchon's new cookbook hits the shelves. It's titled "The Complete Robuchon: French Home Cooking for the Way We Live Now."

Chefs like Robuchon and Julia Child became household cooking celebrities by bringing French cuisine into more kitchens. Robuchon himself is also well-known for his impressive collection of Michelin stars awarded to his many restaurants across the globe -- a total of 25 stars, the most of any chef in the world.

"The Complete Robuchon" is a collection of 800 of Joel's recipes, most of which integrate classic French cuisine with modern cooking techniques. The recipe targets chefs ranging from the seasoned professional to the skilled amateur. Brand new chefs just starting out in the kitchen might be a bit overwhelmed at all the French terminology, but Robuchon proves himself to be an excellent verbal instructor in this cookbook.

The French techniques of creating recipes such as salt-crust roasted duck or monkfish, pheasant patties with foie gras, beef bourguignon, sole meuniere, or just a simple cream-based cold soup are explained in detail on each page. After sampling a few, chefs will start to notice Robuchon's trend of using quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients -- bringing out a "current" taste.

With all the variety that this cookbook offers, though, home chefs shouldn't have any problem finding something new to enjoy. "The Complete Robuchon" can be found in major bookstore retailers courtesy of the Knopf publishing company.

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