Joyce Chen Classic 4 Piece Wok Set

Carbon Steel 14 Inch w/ Maple Handles

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Joyce Chen Classic 4 Piece Wok Set The Classic Set includes a wok with maple wood handles, dome lid, bamboo spatula, and a recipe booklet. The pan has a 1.8mm carbon steel body made for rapid heating and a great fit with gas or electric burners. Carbon steel is THE material people who want to cook traditional Asian cuisine flock to. Heat your wok before you add the oil for food that won't stick. It should just begin to lightly smoke or make droplets of water sizzle when they are dropped in the pan.

There are a couple of kinds of cooks: those who can adapt and work with more complicated products and those who simply aren't cut out for it. There's no shame in being who you are. The trick is realizing the category you fit best and sticking to it when you purchase pieces for your kitchen.

If you are the former, you will enjoy this lovely carbon steel wok. You will lovingly season the pan, never clean it harshly, and oil it after each use. If you're the latter, you will likely be displeased that the pan rusts if it isn't dried and oiled. You'll be angry that it isn't nonstick because you'll tend to cook in it differently than someone with a bit more experience. It's ok to be the type of cook you are, as long as you understand that the wok isn't to blame.

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