Joyce Chen Pro Chef Wok

Unseasoned Carbon Steel 14 Inch

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Joyce Chen Pro Chef Wok You can pair the benefits of fast food with home cooking if you know how to use a wok effectively. The actual cooking time is very brief, and wonderful meals with balanced nutrition and exceptional flavor are possible. This is an excellent way to spice up day to day cooking or to get more vegetables into your diet. Foods are cooked lightly, so they retain their crunch and their nutrients.

Pair a traditional wok, like this Joyce Chen model, with one of the many exceptional rice cookers from Sanyo or Zojirushi, and you're already halfway to dinner before you have cut a single slice of radish. Prepackaged, prewashed veggie mixes can be tossed right into the hot, oiled wok, or you can take a few spare minutes to chop your own blend of favorites.

Don't feel like you have to pick a cartload of options. The best meals focus on one or two ingredients plus seasoning, allowing the flavors to combine and enhance one another. That means the possible combinations are endless. If you're unsure about exotic ingredients, stick to familiar choices like broccoli, carrots, or zucchini, then try a single something new: Napa cabbage, bean sprouts, water chestnuts. You will be surprised how different even items you've eaten for decades can taste when prepared in this fashion.

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