Kai USA Shun Steel Chinese Chef’s Knife

Kitchen 7 3/4 Inch Full Tang Damascus

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Kai USA Shun Steel Chinese Chef's Knife What looks like a meat cleaver to Western cooks is actually the Asian equivalent of the Cook's Knife--the all purpose vegetable prep knife we've all used for slicing, dicing, mincing and more. Shun's Steel Chinese Chef's Knife, with a blade edge 7 3/4" long and much thinner than the butcher's cleaver, brings the secrets of Samurai steel to a very different tool.

Sometimes a knife of this type is the only knife in an Asian kitchen, because in skilled hands it does everything. The wide blade can be a bit awkward if you aren't used to it, but it's a trick quickly learned and soon you'll be using it for everything from halving melons to mincing parsley.

Shun's Damascus style steel, an outgrowth of the laminated steel processes that created the finest Samurai swords in other days, combines old theories with modern processes and new alloys. The result is a VG-10 steel core with a hardness of Rockwell 61, braced on each side by 16 layers of resilient stainless steel. The thin hard edge can be quickly honed to razor sharpness and cuts with exceptional efficiency. The laminations add enough ripple to the surface to mimic the action of a Santoku's hollow grind, allowing slices to stay on the board instead of rolling across the floor.

You should remember this isn't a chopping tool, even though to some it may look like one. Pick up a butcher's cleaver meant to chop through bone and you'll see the difference immediately. Use the Shun Chef's Knife to chop bones and you may damage the cutting edge--it's meant for finer work.

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