Kaiser Bakeware Patisserie Cookie Press Set

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Kaiser Bakeware Patisserie StainlessIf you feel that it's time to take your holiday cookie baking to a whole new level, maybe the time has come for you to get serious about your cookie making tools. You need a shooter -- a stainless steel cookie gun to help create all those fancy shaped treats that wow the crowds at the holiday party.

The Kaiser Bakeware Patisserie Cookie Press Set, in polished stainless steel is sure to impress with its professional looks when you produce it from the kitchen drawer. Heavy duty mechanism and all metal parts promise to outlast any plastic competitors, while the trigger and plunger mechanism work smoothly to punch out the shapes. Included are ten stainless steel cookie design discs, which can also be used with thick icing for decorating a dessert in a variety of patterns. My favorite trick is to divide cookie dough in half and mix in contrasting food coloring. Then load the cookie press with both colors or more for instant design gratification.

This is not a cheap discount store gadget. It is a commercial quality tool for the kitchen. It features heavy all stainless steel construction and well machined parts for ease of use and long life with proper care and cleaning. The unit and discs are top rack dishwasher safe.

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