Kapoosh Knife Block

Kitchen Hardwood Slotless Polymer Universal Holder

Posted by JT Hats

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Kapoosh Knife Block The Kapoosh Knife Block, with the look and weight of a small hardwood slot style knife holder, stores knives safely on the counter regardless of blade width and without slots. It's a brilliant idea but with enough quirks that in use it has a pretty short useful lifetime.

The Kapoosh concept hopes to solve the problem of mismatched knife sets that won't fit in a traditional block's slots--that's an issue in many kitchens because few cooks start out with everything we need. Kapoosh blocks contain a mass of polymer rods (the black interior in the photo) that are joined at the bottom end. The flexible rods are spaced widely enough that any knife blade set into them will create its own space, gripped between the rods, easy in and easy out. The rod mass is removable and can be run through the dishwasher. It really is a great idea: one size fits all.

There are a few problems that show up gradually. The rod mass holds water very well--drying the assemblage after washing can take days. Mold and mildew as well as rust are real possibilities if you don't dry your knives before inserting them in the block. Good quality knives are sharp enough to shave bits of the rods off, and they can find their way into food if you aren't careful. Large knives gradually bend and permanently warp the rods below them, shifting slowly to the lower edge of the container. Blades too long for the container will fit, but the upper part of the cutting edge is exposed.

This may not be the best place for your finest cutlery. The Kapoosh is a great concept that still needs work. You may want to wait for Kapoosh II.

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