Kate Winslet Teams With Tom Colicchio For New HBO Miniseries

“Mildred Pierce” Explores Depression-Era Restaurant Scene In L.A.

Posted by on Mar 26

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Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet, known for such blockbusters as Titanic, The Reader and Revolutionary Road, is now paring her talents with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio to star in the new HBO miniseries "Mildred Pierce."

An adaptation of novelist James M. Cain's 1941 work, "Mildred Pierce" centers around a newly divorced mother of two struggling to make ends meet during the Great Depression. Amidst all the changes in her life, she discovers a passion for cooking and opens a bakery in hopes of supporting her family. The bakery eventually blossoms into a full-fledged restaurant over time. In each episode, the miniseries explores the societal implications of this young female entrepreneur trying to enter a developing restaurant world in Los Angeles.

Colicchio stepped in to teach Winslet some "retro cooking techniques" that she could adapt to her character. In fact, Cain's novel gave them both plenty of material to work with. The novel describes a time where "steak and chops" were served frequently, thus influencing Mildred Pierce's decision to open a restaurant specializing in chicken and pies. Staying as true to the story as possible, Colicchio made sure to teach Winslet how to effectively cut a whole chicken into pieces -- and Winslet says she still uses this technique in her home life as well.

"I cook anyway, so I was very fortunate that I was working with culinary experts," she said. "I never buy chicken in pieces anymore. I always buy a whole chicken. I'm like, 'I know how to do this'!"

Colicchio says his technique is all about looking for the lines. "There’s a certain way to cut it; in fact, if you look at the thigh and the leg, there’s a line. If you turn the chicken over so the side that’s sort of facing the hip is open, there’s a line, and if you hit that line, you’ll go right through the chicken. You’ll never hit the bone."

The first episode of the five-part miniseries "Mildred Pierce" airs Sunday, March 27 on HBO.

Source: L.A. Weekly



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