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Single Cup Home Brewing System B40

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Keurig Elite Gourmet Coffee Maker With this Keurig model, you're less than a minute away from a fresh cup of tea or coffee. The B40 Elite Gourmet uses patented K cups in seventy premium premeasured varieties, meaning you don't need to grind beans, measure grounds or deal with the mess. Through the power of fifteen hundred watts, offering two brew sizes to choose from (smaller cup or larger mug) and one touch operation, this unit gives the user hassle free control.

Other features include a removable forty eight ounce water reservoir, a removable drip tray, a two hour automatic safety shutoff, and a descale indicator. The Keurig easily accommodates regular or travel mugs and comes with a one year limited warranty.

This is one beloved model home brewer. Complaints tend to center around the cost per coffee serving and the fact that using one K cup on the large mug setting produces weaker coffee. People who love the coffee maker are still taken aback by the cost (and the not-so-green waste generated) of the K cups, but have creative solutions or use alternate brands to circumvent the issue. It is a pretty coffee maker and makes excellent hot beverages very conveniently.

Never again have to drink old coffee, struggle to finish off a pot, or have to experience anything less than a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the flavor of your choice. Experiment with the range of specialty coffees; enjoy completely different flavors back to back. This is a nice piece for a household where coffee is consumed in small amounts or throughout the day or for people who like to experience this level of ease and control over their coffee service.

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