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Single Serve One Cup Black B30

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Keurig Mini Personal Coffee Maker The Keurig B30 Mini is a single serve system for brewing coffee and tea. The system uses patented K-Cups which eliminate the need for grinding beans, handling grounds or messy clean up. The coffee maker brews one eight ounce cup at a time and has your fresh cup ready in less than three minutes.

The Keurig comes with a variety pack of ten K-Cups and a one year limited warranty. The K-Cups are available in over two hundred coffee, tea, and cocoa choices and come premeasured in a wide range of premium brands. The water is fresh each time as you add only enough for the current cup you're about to brew.

People appreciate the variety of hot beverages the Keurig Mini offers. Potential negative issues center around the finished cup of coffee itself. As you're using the K-Cup, if you find the coffee weak, you can't really adjust the strength. For many people, the potential cons are actually pros. Consider these three complaints: you can't make a larger cup of coffee, you must fill the reservoir for each cup, and the temperature of the cup of brewed coffee isn't very hot. Most people who love the machine actually love it because of these same issues. While the coffee may not quite fill a mug, you have extra room for sugar, cream and to stir. The coffee isn't boiling hot, but then it doesn't burn you when you try to drink. And if you have to fill the reservoir for each cup no water is sitting around inside the machine (easier for transporting the machine and a more fresh drink).

The Keurig is quiet, simple to operate, and would be great at your desk, for coffee in your bedroom or on another floor of the house, or for use in a home office or camper.

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