Kimchi Chronicles To Air On PBS With Guest Star Hugh Jackman

Series Is Followup To Mario Batali’s “Spain… On the Road Again”

Posted by on May 16

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PBS is now promoting a follow-up series to the widely acclaimed Spain... On the Road Again starring celebrity chef Mario Batali and guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow, NY Times columnist Mark Bittman, and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols. This time around, the traveling food concept goes to Korea and is titled Kimchi Chronicles.

The new series will be hosted by Marja Vongerichten, a Korean-born actress and model who is also the wife of renowned chef and restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten, winner of this year's James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant.

Each episode delves more and more into the story of Marja's childhood in Korea, exploring unique cuisines and flavors along the way. Recipes such as bulgogi and mung bean pancakes helped trigger memories when she traveled east to film the series.

"I always had memories of my mother and time in Korea," she said. "It felt like it was a dream, but I was able to confirm it later... Food really tells the story."

The series premiere of Kimchi Chronicles brings a familiar face to the screen: Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, native to Australia and a secret lover of Korean cuisine.

"Korean food isn't shy," he says of his culinary passion. "It's all about loud, punchy flavors, about ingredients that take time to pickle and ferment in giant earthenware pots." The recipe in this episode brings attention to garlic, red pepper, and ginger, three essential ingredients to make authentic Korean cuisine.

Kimchi Chronicles has already aired in select cities and will be broadcast nationwide starting in July 2011.

Source:  The Independent

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