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Bakery Storage Container | Stainless Steel w/ Clear Glass

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Kitchen Cookie Jar Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

You just might be able to figure that out with this glass and stainless steel cookie jar. No, it's not bewitched. It's made of glass and it holds sweet goodies that could potentially be sticky or chocolatey, which sounds to me like a perfect recipe for fingerprints.

So, before you put this item out on your counter, be sure to fingerprint all your family and friends. Then no one will get away with stealing that last peanut butter chocolate chip cookie you baked.

There are other advantages to this cookie jar as well. It's conveniently see-through which means anyone in the house who can't read can still see what's inside. No one will feel left out of the loop.

Of course, if you're a neat freak you might not like all the smudges that are sure to accumulate on a glass and stainless steel cookie jar. And if you don't speak English at home you might not want a jar that has the word "cookie" emblazoned on it.

Why not biscotti? Or biscuit? Galleta or Kekse? Why not a multi-lingual cookie jar, like those posters you see with 'peace' written on them in dozens of different languages? Just think how much international relations could be improved if the U.N. set out free home-made cookies in stylish multi-lingual jars at all their meetings. After all, it's hard to argue with someone who's just given you a scrumptious cookie.

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