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Black Honey Slurping Bear Statue

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Kitchen Cookie Storage Jar I'm not sure what it is about having animals in the kitchen. Maybe, maybe farm animals make sense. A dish towel with a goose applique. Little piggy salt and pepper shakers. Cow-shaped cream pitchers. Not that any one kitchen has all of these animals adorning the walls. But like I said, maybe farm animals make sense. Once upon a time, people could look out their window and see actual animals. Some still do. But it tends to be those of us with romantic notions of farming who have those cow-shaped creamers on our tables.

But bears? In the kitchen?

I suppose it could work... if you live in a log cabin.

If this is the case, or you know someone who does, and who has some extra counter space in their cabin kitchen, and who likes sweets, and who, naturally, likes bears, or especially glossy ceramic caricatures of bears- well, this may be the perfect gift.

At 10.5 x 7.5 inches it's not too big. And it is versatile. It could hold cookies or pennies or bubble gum balls or rubber bands....

But let's face it. It's kitchen kitsch. It's not going to fit well in everyone's kitchen, and it might not sit well in the recipient's mind if you give them this cookie jar when their kitchen is full of geese, or if they're an ardent animal rights activist, or if they or anyone they know has ever been attacked by a black bear.

When it comes down to it, the best advice I can give concerning this honey-slurping bear cookie jar is think before you give. If your friend loves cookies so much that you think the need a cookie jar, they might be happier if you just gave them cookies.

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