KitchenAid Blender w/ Polycarbonate Jar

Stainless Steel Blade | Chrome 5 Speed

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KitchenAid Blender w/ Polycarbonate Jar This blender from KitchenAid is among the more heavy-duty blenders available for the price. It features a diecast metal base, meant to sit solidly on your counter. Also featuring a steel reinforced coupler, and one piece stainless steel blade for durability.

The motor on this blender is advertised as .9 horsepower. That translates into roughly 700 Watts. That puts this unit right in the middle range for power among home blenders. The cord can be stored under the unit as well.

The pitcher has a 56 ounce capacity and is made of unbreakable polycarbonate. You know, plastic. Able to withstand extreme temperatures, boiling liquids or frozen drinks shouldn't be a problem with this. The design of the pitcher promises to allow convenient pouring, and it has a soft-grip handle. Of particular note is the pitcher base- A wide design for stability, plus the unit can be cleaned without any disassembly of the blade mechanism needed.

The blender base has a sealed control pad for easy cleaning of spills, and the controls have been simplified to five speeds, with a dedicated "Crush Ice" button. Remember the old days, when a blender was measured by how many different settings it had? Frapp, anyone?

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