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Pro Line Machine KPCG100

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KitchenAid Coffee Bean Burr Grinder Ask a room full of coffee fanatics the best way to grind coffeebeans and the answer will be shouted out as one: "BURR GRINDER!"

Burr grinders, as the name indicates, use a pair of ceramic or steel "burrs" to carefully grind the beans. Think heavy gears meshing together and turning while the coffee beans pass through. The result is uniformly ground coffee, as fine or course as you require. Compare that to the "blade" grinders that scream like banshees while beating the poor beans to death. Not pretty.

Enter the Cuisinart Pro Line Burr Grinder. Its constructed with a die cast metal body and has a very streamlined appearance. A DC motor with a reduction gear turns the stainless steel cutting burrs at 450 rpm. This slow speed is said to minimize frictional heat that can spoil the freshness of coffee as it is ground.

15 grind sizes are controlled with the setting adjustments, from automatic drip to espresso. Speaking of grinding, this unit is reported to be considerably quieter than other grinders when used. One other thoughtful feature is the use of glass for the coffee bin and hopper to eliminate the static cling so common to plastic vessels. This promises to keep coffee dust problems to a minimum.

All in all, this seems to be a quality grinder, compact and smartly designed. The coffee fans will tell you to throw out your little "blade" grinder and treat your beans to the "burr" experience.

Compare this with the Cuisinart Supreme Burr Grinder.

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