KitchenAid Immersion Hand Blender Set w/ Chopper

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KitchenAid Immersion Hand Blender SetHave you ever enjoyed a thick creamy soup at a restaurant, marveling at the texture and wondering what culinary magic could produce such a treat? Wonder no more. The cook simmered up a pot of ingredients in stock, seasoned it just so and blasted it into a puree with an immersion blender.

In fact, one of the nicknames we had for our large commercial model back in the restaurant days was the "blaster". Blending and pureeing hot food in the pot is still the strongest feature of immersion blenders. It works equally well on smoothies and mixed drinks of course.

KitchenAid produces this blender in three color choices, and provides additional attachments along with the blending wand. There's a whisk for beating egg whites and whipping cream, and a small food processor. Also included is a 3-cup mixing beaker with a lid for storage, and a drawstring bag for keeping all the parts together in your drawer. All the attachments are removable and dishwasher safe.

My favorite feature of this is the variable speed knob on the top. I like that level of control when I'm using this. While "full blast" might be perfect for some jobs, "soft stir" is nice to have available.

All in all this is a powerful tool, and the controls are easy to operate. The parts have a durable feel, and the attachments connect tightly to the base. The long cord (5 feet) should reach wherever you need in the kitchen, although it can get in the way if the outlet is right next to your workspace, as I've noticed.

Helpful hint of the day- Keep that little twist tie on the cord, and only unbundle it as much as necessary. You're welcome.

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