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KitchenAid Metal Toaster The truth is I don't believe in toasters. In fact, I don't believe in any kitchen appliance that takes up so much space and only serves one function. I just don't have enough room in my kitchen for a one-trick pony.

No, I believe in toaster ovens. They're not much bigger than KitchenAid's 4-Slice Metal Toaster which measures a whopping 12 3/5 by 11 by 18 inches.

Sure KitchenAid's new toaster offers 1 1/2 inch wide slots with self-centering racks, but you can put toast of any thickness into a toaster oven. And yes, KitchenAid's 4-Slice Toaster boasts an even heat system, but I've never taken a piece of bread out of the toaster oven that was only half toasted, have you?

In fact, most of the special features offered on KitchenAid's new 4-slice toaster are common features on toaster ovens- a shade control knob, easy ability to cancel toasting, and a dishwasher-safe removable crumb tray.

I've yet to see a toaster oven with cord storage which KitchenAid's new toaster has, but this is not an essential feature for me.

No, I'd much rather be able to use an appliance for many purposes, and you simply cannot reheat pizza, melt cheese on sandwiches, roast pumpkin seeds, reheat lasagna, or keep pancakes warm in a traditional toaster, no matter how many slices it holds.

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