KitchenAid Mixing Bowl w/ Handle

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KitchenAid Mixing Bowl w/ Handle If you are fortunate enough to own a Kitchenaid mixer, you already know how incredibly useful it is in the kitchen. And the one thing that will increase its usefulness more than anything else is an extra bowl.

There are many recipes that call for mixing ingredients separately before blending, and having to transfer them to and from the lone mixing bowl is not only inconvenient, it can prove disastrous to delicate recipes. Egg whites in particular don't like being moved about too much, the point of mixing being to inject air into the food. Every time you spoon or pour fragile mixtures like that, you lose the volume you just mixed in. The other reason you may want an extra bowl on hand would be for a backup; just think if you had a big baking weekend ahead and your mixing bowl proved defective at the last minute and snapped its anchor rings? Sure, you could contact the company and have the bowl replaced, but that wouldn't happen in time for your baking deadline.

This stainless steel bowl is built to the heavy duty specifications of all the original Kitchenaid components. It has a solid handle riveted onto the side and the mounting holes to fix it into the fittings on the mixer. It is in fact heavier than the standard bowl that comes with the stand mixer; those that use the commercial version will recognize this as the bowl that accompanies their model.

Here's a similar KitchenAid stand mixer bowl without the mounting holes.

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