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KitchenAid Ultra Power KitchenAid's Ultra Power 5 Speed Hand Mixer doesn't have the power the name implies and will require a light touch. More advanced versions of the Ultra Power mixers offer a wider range of speeds and options for higher torque. With this five speed hand mixer, you'll have to compensate by being careful.

Construction of the plastic parts is also less than expected. Be careful not to be heavy handed with the controls. Even the wire bladed whisks are a bit understated.

To some degree, you can compensate by becoming more skilled, but mixing is often a heavy duty task whether it's cookie dough at low speeds or egg whites on high. Sometimes you can't baby the machine.

KitchenAid's one year limited warranty does cover most issues. Lighter duty mixers may vary considerably in performance even within the same production lot, and you may indeed get one of the best and love it. The mixers which work properly work well, so be critical and deal with any problems immediately.

Rather than gamble, you could consider stepping up to a model with more options and a heavier build. KitchenAid's 9 Speed Professional Hand Mixer has the same good looks and a better reputation.

Also take a look at the Ultra Power Plus mixer.

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