Krups Coffee Combination Machine

Espresso Maker Programmable XP2070

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Krups Coffee Combination Machine This is Krups latest entry into the "combo coffee/espresso maker" market. The XP2070 appears to have all the necessary high-tech features. Pushbutton controls and a blue backlit digital display promise to take any guesswork out of your morning coffee fix.

The fully programmable coffeemaker has a 10 cup capacity along with a removable filter holder, anti-drip system (huh?), and will accommodate an optional water filter. The electronic controls can also be set to control the size and strength of espresso as well as switching to the milk frothing feature.

The espresso maker has a thermoblock heating element with a 15 bar pump system. These features are meant to more consistently control the water temperature and pressure, which translates into a better cup of espresso.

The espresso filter has attachments for both ground coffee and coffee pods. Complete with a removable water tank for ease of filling, this unit has everything one would need, right?

Well, according to many users this machine isn't quite ready for prime time. Numerous complaints of breakdowns as well as overly confusing controls have prompted many buyers of this coffeemaker to return it in favor of competing models and brands. If this seems like the ideal machine for you just make sure to investigate, check all the reviews and weigh the pros and cons before making the commitment. Often a company will upgrade a product in response to enough negative feedback, sending out a much improved version. So keep an eye out for version 2.0.

If you'd rather have just the espresso machine, a good model to consider is this one by DeLonghi.

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