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Automatic Grind and Brew 10 Cup KM7000

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Krups Coffee Maker Possibly the only thing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee beans is the taste of the coffee you make in that magical five minute window after you grind them. If that great cup of coffee is what you want, but going to all that extra trouble is too complex for the first action of the day, Krups designed the KM7000 Grind and Brew just for you.

This ten cup automatic coffee grinder/maker only requires that you fill the water reservoir, add the beans, and set the timer. The conical burr grinder is quiet and powerful, and will work without waking the entire house. Multiple settings give you exactly the strength and aroma you want. An automatic valve closes after coffee grounds slide down the chute to the basket, so steam won't cause grounds to cake to its sides and clog the mechanism. Controls that could be affected by heat and steam reside in a separate matching tower beside the machine.

On the cautionary side, this is an advanced and complicated coffee maker and things do sometimes go wrong. While the company has been cooperative about fixing errant machines, some people find its quirks irritating. If valves or gates don't close properly, or the user doesn't close lids according to the manual's instructions, you may wake up to a counter covered with coffee grounds. It's a machine you need to love and understand. Read the manual carefully and learn to clean the all important valves and chutes. The burr grinder isn't rated for use with oily beans, so choose the right variety for the machine and avoid an early burnout. Be willing to do more than just pour in beans and water.

The good news is that you can do the small maintenance required later in the day.

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