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Black Pump Thermoblock XP4030

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Krups Espresso Machine This espresso machine certainly looks to have all the features one desires for producing quality coffee drinks at home, and the sale price makes it a very attractive competitor to costlier appliances.

First of all, the XP4030 is manufactured by Krups, a leader in the field of coffee brewing devices for the kitchen. It features some commercial quality components, most notably the 15 bar pump system and the thermoblock heating element. These separate the machine from the more common and budget priced steam driven units that produce an inferior espresso drink. Typically, you will pay upwards of $200 and more to get an espresso machine with a pump and thermoblock system such as this. Other features include the simple controls, one dial to set the brewing and steaming functions for easy milk frothing, and the removable water reservoir that allows multiple brewing and steaming before needing a refill. For additional convenience, this model comes with three separate filters. One each for single or double sized shots, and one for using a coffee pod -- one of those pre-measured coffee packets available in a variety of flavors. Something this espresso maker doesn't come with is a carafe of any sort. You will have to find a small cup of your own that fits underneath the spout.

As with any espresso making appliance, user experience has been mixed. This machine has some fans, but there are plenty that have been unsatisfied with the ease of use and the resulting coffee. Numerous complaints of excessive leaking, trouble finding replacement gaskets, and short working life have me questioning whether this truly is a bargain.

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