Krups Expert Waffle Maker w/ Rotary

Belgian Stainless Steel FDD912

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Krups Expert Waffle Maker w/ Rotary The Krups Expert Waffle Maker is a brushed stainless steel, professional-looking device. Removable nonstick plates are formed to make two 1 1/4 inch thick Belgian waffles. The thermostat is variable so waffles can be cooked to order. Indicator lights denote when the unit is on and when batter is needed. A handy drip tray catches any batter spillage. The insulated handle will fold for better storage. The cooking plates can be removed to place in the dishwasher or wiped clean. The Krups carries a one year warranty.

Some people have experienced uneven browning and a tendency for the plates to not meet correctly, however, even those people quite liked the product and found these two problems developed with use, over time. Most people find the Krups fun, simple to use and clean and have no complaints to air. Created waffles release well.

Note: There is no timer to signal when cooking has completed, but this requires only a small learning curve to master. You are the rotary system advertised, but that is part of the fun. The aid of gravity does help form a better waffle. Compared to the Chef's Choice WafflePro and the Presto FlipSide, the Krups leads by a nose because it creates two waffles per batch.

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