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FEM2B 2-Slice Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance

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Krups FEM2B 2-Slice Toaster Even a toaster isn't just a toaster anymore. The Krups FEM2B will also defrost and act as a warmer, has a special function for bagels and eight levels of browning. Consumer Reports has a few ideas about what makes a good toaster. The Krups model has several of these features including a removable crumb tray for easier cleaning, the option to defrost and then cook in one step, the three position lever (you can choose to eject food at the touch of a button or use the lever to make removing items of varying size easier).

The Krups company has been in business for over 160 years and does their own testing and research and development. The slot sizes are extra wide, preventing catching and tearing of your foods. A cancel button allows for immediate interruption of any function. Warm the crust side of your bagel while toasting only the cut side. The toaster has two warming functions. The crumb tray and warming rack are even dishwasher safe. And this selection, cool touch appears to actually mean what it says and the outside of the appliance won't burn you as it toasts. The width of this toaster will take up more room on your countertop, but if you routinely warm or toast a variety of items, it's versatility will more than make up for the loss of a little space.

On the other hand, there have been some basic and very serious issues with the FEM2B. Complaints range from inadequate toasting (the basic bread and butter, so to speak, of toaster function) to the deformation of internal parts to such an extent that toasted items can't be removed from the unit. People seem to like it for its good features in spite of the bad or to be too disappointed in general at modern toasters to grade it down as far as they should considering the problems described. The last straw for me is that the slots of the toaster are not lengthy enough to fit a regular piece of sliced bread. If you have to cram in your toastables, that seems to defeat the purpose of the more elaborate design functions.

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