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Krups Quartz Convection Toaster Oven This convection toaster oven from Krups offers sophisticated electronic controls along with innovative quartz heating. All meant to elevate the experience beyond what you would expect from a countertop appliance.

The oven has an interior capacity of .59 cubic feet, which is roomier than most toaster ovens in this category according to the manufacturer. It features a soft-touch control panel with six pre-set cooking controls for common foods such as pizza, brownies, and bagels. The convection function circulates air around the food while cooking for quicker more even results. The toaster uses a patented quartz cycling technology that moves 1600 watts of power between the upper and lower elements for maximizing the efficiency of the heat. The temperature controls are adjusted in 25 degree increments for speedy setting up to 450 degrees using the backlit digital display. Also worth noting is the defrost feature and the toasting controls with nine darkness settings. The controls are all located on a panel to the right of the door with lighted details for easier viewing.

I was impressed with this toaster when it arrived on the scene. Krups designed it with a host of impressive controls, and it has a no-nonsense technological look that suits a modern kitchen. The temperature control is accurate, and the quartz elements seem to heat up instantly, doing an impressive job of cooking food. This is a heavy unit -- it sits solidly on the counter with no rattle to the components. Ultimately, for all its handy features, I found it a bit too small inside for real practicality in my kitchen. Just a bit more height inside and it would fit a small roast or a whole bird, two things that I hate to have to cook in a large oven.

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