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Krups Toaster Convection Oven The Krups Toaster Oven has a clean, professional look and uses quartz convection technology (two sets of three quartz heating elements) to produce its even heat. With one half cubic foot of capacity and sixteen hundred watts of power, it can do everything from toast to bake or broil. Every part of the oven works to help circulate the heat wisely, including the reflective crumb tray. The temperature control ranges from 150 to 450 degrees and is adjustable in 25 degree increments. The digital timer can be set for one to ninety minutes and pairs with an automatic shut off. Nine shade selections are available for toasting. The illuminated LCD panel offers a digital clock when not displaying cooking functions. The controls are streamlined, operated by resilient soft touch buttons. Thermal resistant tongs, a bake pan and broiling tray are included. The oven carries a one year warranty.

One of the best features of the oven is extensive use of nonstick material. Where there is cooking, there will be splatter, and with most ovens it is difficult to impossible to get inside and really scrub off cooked on food. The Krups oven has a nonstick interior and a nonstick bake pan. Wipe clean and you're done.

I loved this oven, absolutely wanted it to be a great product, but an alarming number of units have malfunctioned in dangerous ways. A series of less scary but frustrating issues seem to trouble the electronics and door of the machine.

People who were pleased with the oven enjoyed the power of the heating and cooking times which were reduced by up to half the usual. This is a substantial machine, quick to preheat, capable of holding a larger capacity than most ovens of its kind. If you get a good one, it will be one of the best you could hope to own.

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