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Kyocera Revolution Knife Set I've seen a lot of knives. If on my first glance at a new knife I say Wow!--that usually isn't good. This time it's good, but if you buy the Revolution Series two-knife set from Kyocera be prepared to change the way you think.

These knives, a 5.5" Santoku and a 3" Paring knife, have a great look--the dropped blade styles give you plenty of knuckle room and the handles have a simple sanitary build that is comfortable and efficient. You get that in a lot of knives today--the major difference here is the ceramic alloy steel, almost as hard as diamond. The edge of these thin blades will stay sharper than other steel for ten times the amount of use and often more. Buyers warn that you should bring home extra food the first few days because you'll slice things for the heck of it. The blades are unaffected by acid, oil, or salt, and impart no color or tainted flavor to reactive foods.

There are some down sides. You can't sharpen these beauties yourself. Inspect them when you pay for them and trade them out or send them back for service if they don't meet your standards. Edges chip if used on an improper cutting surface--plastic or wood cutting boards are approved but anything else is not. The blades, even though they are steel, are brittle. Don't drop them, don't twist them, don't even mash a garlic clove with them, or they'll break. Don't leave them in a drawer to bang around with other tools, or run them through a dishwasher. If you don't have a wooden knife block, get one and keep these in it. Treat these knives like shards of very expensive, perfectly designed glass.

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