Le Creuset 7 Piece Red Spatula Set w/ Crock

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Le Creuset 7 Piece Red Spatula Set w/Leave it to Le Creuset to create a spatula set that is swoon-worthy. I swear--my love affair with Le Creuset cookware has no end!

If you own Le Creuset pans--or even if you don't--you will want this set. The crock is gorgeous with amazingly vibrant color. So not only is this spatula set wonderfully practical, but it doubles as kitchen decor, too.

You'll use this multipurpose set everyday. Scraping, mixing, serving, basting-this set has something for every cooking action. You get the five spatulas: mini, small, medium, and large spoon-shaped, plus a giant slotted spoon and a silicone basting brush.

The only piece I don't use constantly is the large spoon-shaped one. But now that I'm thinking about it, it would be a useful tool for removing solids from hot broth or some similar task. Or to test pieces of cooking pasta for doneness.

I know a lot of people prefer basting brushes with natural bristles, but I love the silicone basting brush in this set. It gives you great coverage, and it is so easy to clean.

The tiny scraper spatula is especially (and surprisingly) useful. Try using it for cleaning out the last bits of peanut butter and mayonnaise in the jar.

It's also useful for keeping your Le Creuset non-stick skillet from scratching (and it's in matching red, too).

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