Le Creuset Classics Cookware Set

Red Enameled Non Stick 6 Piece

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Le Creuset Classics Cookware Set The cast iron griddles, skillets, and pots my Grandmother used were nothing like the Le Creuset Classics Set. This modern offering is what you get if someone listened to your grandmother's suggestions and made things better.

The wonderful part of cast iron is the even heat. You don't have to turn the burners up just to get more than half the skillet hot--heat flows through cast iron evenly and stays for awhile. You need less heat to cook the meal because it goes where you need it, under and around the food.

Two things about cast iron in the old days were not great. The bare metal surfaces of the old pots, treated with cooking oil and heated until it charred, were that era's version of nonstick cooking. Nonstick, they were not. There was a layer of char that peeled off with the food, and any attempt to wash the pan was doomed, ending either in failure or in a nice layer of rust.

Le Creuset solves that old issue with an enameled surface that will develop the non stick patina of aged cast iron without the problems. Inside and out, these modern pots and pans will survive stove top and oven (even the pot lid handles are rated to 400 degrees) with a minimum of care.

The last issue, weight, is now a benefit much needed in modern kitchens. Weight provides much of the traditional quality and heating efficiency of this set. In sizes designed for chefs of today, this high quality cookware is perfectly practical.

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