Le Creuset French Oven

Red Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Cookware 7-1/4 Quart

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Le Creuset French Oven Le Creuset has been handcrafting cookware in Northern France since 1925. Their quality and workmanship show in products such as the French oven. The basic design of this oven (some use the term Dutch oven) has been in use for centuries, so you know it is effective.

Le Creuset uses their cast iron, which provides excellent heat retention and distribution, and combines it with an enameled coating which won't react with food. Together they give the user a surface which serves any number of cooking purposes, but won't retain flavors or odors.

You can even bake in the pan, use it in the oven or on the stovetop. Store your leftovers in the same dish: it's safe for the refrigerator or freezer. The lid fits securely and its plastic knob is oven safe to 450 degrees. While the French oven is dishwasher safe, the company recommends you hand wash for best results.

The weight is part of the effectiveness of the French oven. It is heavy, but that is the iron, ready to keep in enough heat to ensure that seconds, maybe even thirds, are still warm and flavorful. You'll want to avoid using metal utensils, metal scrub pads, or harsh cleaners on the surface.

Universally pleased, customers liked the range of dishes they could prepare and the many types of cooking they could perform with the product, often with it serving as the sole cooking vessel. This pot may be more expensive than you're used to, but you're buying a product which will last and which the company stands behind with their generous warranty.

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