Le Creuset Giant Reversible Grill

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Le Creuset Giant Reversible Grill Le Creuset's Giant Reversible Grill/Griddle, black enameled on both the flat and ridged sides, gives home kitchens a grill big enough to cook for the whole family at once. There are a few limitations to this versatile device that you should consider beforehand.

Although it's dual function, you'll have to choose one per meal. For pancakes or eggs, for example, start off by heating the grill flat side up over two burners of your cookstove. For grilling with that characteristic striped scorch and low fat flavor, start with the ribbed side up. Pay attention to your work, because even though there is a shallow reservoir for grease runoff you will not be able to safely lift and drain this grill while it is hot. Don't even try.

The heavy cast iron construction allows even heating over the entire cooking surface--a high heat is not necessary for thorough cooking. Give the food only a little more time and you'll have perfectly grilled food that's still juicy. That slow cooking will also reduce spatter. Don't use metal utensils on the grill or you may damage the enamel.

The quality of the food and the speed of preparing a hot meal for all are definitely advantages worth considering, but plan ahead. The grill will have to cool down before it's cleaned, and should be washed by hand with non abrasive cleaners. To prevent the occasional rust spot from forming, dry the grill thoroughly and rub it down with a light coating of vegetable oil before storing it away.

If you prefer a traditional cast iron skillet, Le Creuset makes those, too.

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