Le Creuset Saucier Pan

Blue Enameled Cast Iron Cookware 2.25 Quart

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Le Creuset Saucier Pan With cookware like this 2.25 quart Saucier pan, Le Creuset brings traditional quality and efficiency to the modern kitchen. Nowhere more than in the creation of fine sauces is temperature control more important, since a few degrees is sometimes all that stands between success and failure. The temperature stability of cast iron evens out every type of heating system, from gas to induction.

Available in eight colors, Le Creuset cookware is enameled inside and out, making cooking nearly non stick and cleanup a simple task. The durable pots and pans from the Le Creuset line are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner, safe for both the oven and the stove top. Phenolic parts such as the handle of the pot lid are temperature safe to 400 degrees.

One concession must be made to prevent scarring of this fine product--do not use metal utensils for stirring the contents of the pot. Wood whisks or silicone coated utensils are safe to use on the porcelain interior.

Although it is heavy (about eight pounds with lid) the efficiency of this pot depends upon that weight. It provides even heating and temperature control that thinner and lighter pots cannot, while it stays in a size range most modern cooks can enjoy.

Compare this with All-Clad's stainless steel saucier pan.

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  1. Mary Stevens Says:

    I have just purchased a 5.5 Le Creuset cast iron pot. Is it safe to use this on a wood fired stove? I do not wish to do harm to it.
    Thank you.

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