Le Creuset Stock Pot

Red Enameled Carbon Steel 8 Quart

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Le Creuset Stock Pot A convenient size for simmering stock, poaching chicken, creating hearty stews, or making perfect pasta for the entire family, the Le Creuset 8 quart stockpot brings heavy gauge enameled carbon steel to your kitchen in your choice of 7 bright colors. Pretty enough to double as a centerpiece serving dish, the stockpot is also built to last and guaranteed for a hundred and one years.

In actual use, this enameled pot is not bullet proof and may need more than ordinary care. The company is largely cooperative if problems arise, but any separation of the enamel should be reported to them immediately. Since this would most likely be the result of impact damage, it may not always be a covered issue. Before using it the first time inspect all surfaces carefully for any sign of damage in shipment. Wash the stockpot carefully after every use and during use make sure it has even contact with the burner surface.

The interior is not non stick and many report issues with sauces that adhere to the bottom of the pot during cooking. Lowering the heat and stirring frequently will help. Metal utensils are not to be used with this pot as they will damage the enamel coating. Rims of both pot and lid are unenameled stainless steel, to eliminate chipping in the most vulnerable areas.

Safe even in the oven to just over 400 degrees, the enameled steel stockpot is a match for the famous cast iron cookware from Le Creuset, but without the weight that a large cast iron pot would have.

Compare this with Calphalon's hard-anodized stockpot.

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