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Side by Side Freestanding Cabinet | LSC21943ST

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LG Stainless Steel Refrigerator Built to match the standard width of kitchen counters, the LG Side by Side Refrigerator Freezer still gives 21 cubic feet of food storage space plus several important convenience features.

Inset in the freezer door, the SpacePlus ice and drinking water dispenser gives instant access to pure water without opening the storage compartments, saving energy. The ice maker is mounted on the inside of the door in a space-saving arrangement featuring a removable ice bin.

One of the three produce drawers in the refrigerator compartment is an OptiChill Crisper with three different settings for control of temperature and humidity. That should noticeably extend the storage life of many fresh foods.

Several temperature sensors scattered throughout the storage areas detect variations as small as 1.5 degrees and automatically return the temperature to the setting you've chosen. An abundance of shelves and door pockets allow efficient use of the storage space. Shelves remove easily for cleaning, and one of the glass shelves is a spill-free design for storing drink containers.

The efficient design of this refrigerator compensates well for the smaller total storage space. The SpacePlus ice maker actually increases available freezer space by 11 percent compared to standard designs. Touch-sensitive controls for all functions are located conveniently on the front panel.

Here's another side-by-side model to consider from Electrolux.

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