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Cast Iron Cookware, Logic 5 Quart

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Lodge Logic Cast Iron Dutch Oven Aah, cast iron. It is really heartening to see that the durable cookware that fed the pioneers is still with us. You can thank the Lodge company for that. This Dutch Oven is the perfect vessel for chilis, casseroles, soups and the like. You'll want to avoid cooking highly acidic foods like tomato sauces in it though. The iron reacts and makes your food taste a bit like a tin can.

There are several benefits to cast iron cookware. Durability, heavy even-heating surface, stovetop to oven usability, performance improves with use. Did I mention durability? These things are bulletproof. Not to mention actually adding the nutrient iron to foods cooked in them. Huh? Can your fancy cookware boast that?

These cast iron pots are not nearly as high maintenance as folks seem to think. There is however a learning curve to taking care of them. Cast iron needs to be seasoned the first few times its used by coating it inside and out with vegetable oil and heated thoroughly to bake the oil into the iron. The folks at Lodge have already begun this job with their line of pre-seasoned cookware, such as this Dutch Oven. Notice I said begun. You need to continue the process and follow the instructions to never use soap or harsh scrubbing pads when cleaning the cast iron surface, lest you remove the seasoned finish.

The one thing that has always bugged me about these- They need bigger handles. A cast iron pot is heavy to start with, filled with hot food it can be a real challenge to lift and carry with those weeny little loops on the sides. C'mon Lodge, give it up, and grow those ears a bit. Please?

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