Lodge Logic Dutch Oven

Cast Iron 4 Quart Camping Cookware

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Lodge Logic Dutch Oven This is the Dutch oven I remember from my scouting days. Heavy duty, it can stand up to the roughest use and create dishes from simply fantastic slow roasted meals to thick, hearty stews. Dutch ovens offer versatile cooking options from frying to baking, making it possible to take along one pot for all your needs.

If you aren't miles out in the woods, you can use your fireplace or charcoal to do the cooking. The short legs on the bottom help keep the pot stable when loaded down with food. Make a long, slow barbecue dish with a unique flavor. When you use the cooking hole method, the cooking truly is "set it and forget it" until you're ready to help yourself to dinner.

The lid can be used as a griddle. It has a flanged shape that will keep your eggs or batter from running over the edge. The interior holds enough for a crowd of kids, several hungry adults, or to have leftovers for the next day. Don't be afraid of the cleanup, either. It is simple, and even the most stubborn food succumbs under a nylon brush or a little boiling water (just add it to the pan and set the oven back on the coals).

Compare with this slightly larger, pre-seasoned Lodge Dutch Oven.

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