Lodge Pro Logic Dutch Oven, Nonstick 7 Quart

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

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Lodge Pro Logic Cast Iron Dutch Oven If you're looking for an already seasoned, cast iron Dutch oven, you could check out your local antique stores (and pay a fortune), or you could go with this pre-seasoned Dutch oven from Lodge's Logic line. These cast iron pieces have been evenly coated with a proprietary vegetable oil formula before being baked at a very high temperature to seal the cast iron and create a durable nonstick surface.

Not only is this a perfect dish for slow-braising meats and simmering slow-cooked stews, the Lodge Pro-Logic 7-quart Dutch oven will also give you a good workout. But don't worry. Its weight adds to its durability; this item will be passed from generation to generation. Plus the cast iron looped handles make it easier to lift.

Cast iron distributes heat gently and evenly. It can be used on the stove top or in the oven, up to 500 degrees. Like all cast iron, Logic cookware should be cleaned by hand using only hot water and a stiff brush. And each pan comes with a lifetime warranty.

Perhaps the best thing about this pan is that it is pre-seasoned, saving you the time and energy of seasoning it yourself. With pre-seasoned cast iron, you have a ready-to-use, family heirloom right off the shelf.

For a more modern approach, Lodge also makes Dutch ovens in several different colors -- including red.

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