Marcel Vigneron Creates Food Truck Menu For Pico de Gap

Los Angeles Trend Soon Reaching NYC, Chicago & San Francisco

Posted by on Aug 6

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In a promotion to launch the new "1969" clothing line, Gap stores in Los Angeles tapped former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron, host of the SyFy network's Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, to create a menu for Pico de Gap -- an eye-catching bright blue food truck that moonlights as a mobile Gap billboard.

The menu features "tacos with a twist" -- modern representations of a classic favorite. Customers can order braised lamb neck with dark chile negro and spicy guajillo peppers, carnitas with smoked chipotle peppers, shrimp with Spanish smoked paprika, and a vegetarian spicy tofu taco.

Each taco can be topped with one of six condiments -- and Vigneron suggests that all six can be enjoyed at once, if preferred. They include fresh mango salsa, salsa verde, queso fresco, avocado, lime, and pickled radish in Japanese dashi (sea stock) and mirin (rice wine).

For these dishes, Vigneron is leaving behind most of his favored molecular gastronomy "tech toys" and focusing more on flavors and techniques. "I still utilize some tools, like the pressure cooker I used to cook the lamb and pork, mostly to cut down on cooking time," he said. "It makes the meat tender."

This innovative marketing strategy is launching in Los Angeles and will later head to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Chefs Ryan Scott, Rich Gresh, and author Katie Lee will be manning the food truck stations in these cities.

Pico de Gap trucks will be running through the month of September, updating their Twitter feeds with location information at @PicodeGapLA, @PicodeGapNY, @PicodeGapSF, and @PicodeGapChi.

Source:  Los Angeles Times

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