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Mario Batali Italian Grill Piastra The flat surfaces used for piastra cooking have come from many sources, especially as the centuries of use passed and people from varied walks of life adapted their cooking using what they could lay their hands on. Mario Batali is trying to bring back this very basic form of griddle cooking with his solid granite version.

Using this stone provides comparable heat to that of cast iron, without the accompanying hassle and upkeep. A bit of preheating is required to get the heat set into the stone, but then you have a surface that is up for anything. Cover the stone and wait fifteen minutes, brush with oil and it is ready to go.

My mouth waters considering the flavors possible using the stone over an open fire. The piastra can also be used on the grill and is safe for the microwave or oven. One side has a flat griddle surface, the other a raised grill surface. The stone can also be used to prepare lovely crusty breads and pizza. The half inch thickness of the granite means a strong stone.

The chef has a series of recipes for use with the piastra in his book Italian Grill, but you can have a peek at a few examples on his website and peppered through the online cooking arena. The old ways are often the best.

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